Multiple Choice Questions.

These questions are taken from a bank of 1327 questions. The questions and answers have been taken for the Part II exams set by the Australian Royal College of Surgeons. The overwhelming majority of the answers are correct but there may be the odd answer which is incorrect. If you find this to be the case, please email the corrections to and I'll update the program.

So why have I done this? I'm not an orthopod - my partner is. I wrote this site to help her and her study group prepare for her Consultants exams. I put so much work into it that it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of the orthopaedic community.

If you find this site useful it would be appreciated if you'd send some decent wine (red Shiraz by preference) to the author. That would help keep me motivated to improving the site and adding to the bank of questions. For the address, please email



50 Random Questions, 16 minute time limit.

100 Random Questions, 32 minute time limit.